DNATESTONWHEELS  offers a variety of DNA testing options.  Each test contains information on whom to test, how long the testing will take and general information on how to best sell them to your client.


Standard Trio Paternity

Participants for a standard paternity test, called a trio, are the mother, child and alleged father. The mother’s participation is always encouraged in a paternity test.


Motherless Paternity Testing

Because DNA testing is so powerful, paternity can be determined even when the mother is unwilling or unavailable to be tested.


Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

Paternity can be determined using a simple blood-draw from the mother and a buccal-swab collection from the alleged father, as early as 8 weeks' gestation.


Maternity Test

A maternity test is performed to confirm the biological relationship between a mother and child—for immigration cases, adoption, or other situations.


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